About our learning and development work : the individual and the group

I founded CORONIS LEARNING to provide a uniquely-tailored coaching and training practice to serve the learning and development needs of small and medium-sized businesses. I’m based near Glasgow and have partners near Cheshire, Twickenham, Belfast, Donegal and elsewhere.

The need for mentoring, coaching, group training and ongoing performance management (all of which we can design around your requirements) to embed both learning and skills in order to transform the business was the impetus for us to form and implement our unique psychosystemic approach. This arose out of many years of therapeutic practice and research, which gives a deep and broad underlying understanding of human will, motivation and resilience, as well as an appreciation of how the human spirit can flourish or be crushed by working in organisations.

We can craft half-day or one-day workshops for groups or teams, from 4-14 persons, with on a personal or professional development focus. Often these workshops (eg Stress Management) serve both personal and professional aims and objectives, and are perfect standalone CPD events for professionals as well as offering life-enhancing knowledge and skills. We will work from one of our centres or from your premises as appropriate. We will analyse the knowledge and skills gaps in your business or team, turn these into objectives, and design and deliver engaging learning activities which stimulate learners into acquiring what they need to be able to understand and implement in the workplace. We will evaluate the event with you against these agreed objectives.

Learning and ongoing self-development can be enhanced with one-to-one coaching. This is always objectives-focussed, solutions-focussed and designed to move you from where you currently are to where you need to be in work or in life. Coaching is regular by arrangement, face to face or carried out remotely by phone and/or email. The model we use is coaching for performance, allied to a deeper psychosynthesis perspective.


About Michael:

My qualifications and experience :

MA (Honours) – University of Glasgow;

CIPD Cert. Learning & Development Practitioner (Accelerated Learning, Coaching for Performance)

COSCA Psychodynamic Counselling Skills; Postgraduate Diploma-level training and practice as a psychosynthesis counsellor at the London Synthesis Clinic and Ealing Abey Counselling Service

I have worked as a trainer and coach with immigration officers, child protection social workers, teachers, managers, bereavement counsellors, among many others.

I have also worked with hundreds of children 11-17 years old in school as link worker and lead learning mentor, with their families and external services.

As a psychosynthesis counsellor I have worked from 6 to 60 sessions with a variety of adults in North and West London over several years of supervised practice as part of a postgraduate training. As a psychodynamic counsellor I have worked with adults in Glasgow as part of my postgraduate training.



2 thoughts on “About our learning and development work : the individual and the group

  1. Hi Michael, oh wow can’t believe it! You won’t remember me it’s been a very long time. I was to be a student of Brentside High School, we had a few sittings together and have always been intrigued by work you do.

    Anyways it would be nice to hear from you. Chennessey07@gmail.com


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